Our Team

Executive Director – Barry Cooper, M.S.

Human Resources – Marti Gillespie – ATA

Accountant- Whitney Carter-ATA

Teen Institute Director – Kristi Townes, C.P.S. II

Director of Treatment Services – Israel Melton, L.A.D.A.C., C.P.R.S.

Receptionist – Helen Echoles

Court Liaison – Jeff Riley, B.S. 

Office Manager/Outreach Coordinator – Bonita Molbert

Intensive Outpatient Program Coordinator – Gabrielle Henson, B.S.

Admissions/Billing Coordinator - Frances Brannan

Medical Director/Physician – Dr. Eddie Koonce

Physician- Dr. Steve Weaver

Medical Services – Megan Pinson, R.N.

Medical Services – Shelly Gaugh, L.P.N.

Family Therapist/Mental Health Service Provider – Betty Barnette, L.P.C., L.A.D.A.C.

Men’s Housing Director – JC Moore, L.A.D.A.C.

Counselor – Gary David, C.A.D.A.C.

Counselor – Sharon Clark

Counselor-Kim Storey, B.S.

Counselor, Women's Housing Coordinator – Beth Curtis, M.A., C.A.D.A.C.

Counselor's Assistant- Laura Phillips

Intake Coordinator- Robyn May, B.S. 

Dietary Supervisor – Pauline Steele


Board of Directors

Board of Directors Chairperson – Mrs. Tierra Thaxton, Chester County-Quinco Mental Health

Vice Chair –  Mrs. Nita Mehr, Ph.D, Union University School of Social Work

Secretary – Ms. Cyndi Hill, University of Memphis Lambuth Campus

Treasurer – Mr. David Shirley

Executive Director – Barry F. Cooper, M.S.

Mr. Ray Washington, COO- Jackson-Madison County School System

Mr. Ben McLeary

Ms. Hilda Nance, LPC

Father Wes Gristy, All Saints Anglican Church-Fundraising Co-Chair

Mrs. Robin Saylers, Ph.D, Bethel University-Co-Director/School of Education-Fundraising Co-Chair

Rev. Harold Montgomery, Honorary Board Member