Testimonial 1

"I felt like I finally made it home. Long road with lots of pot holes, but this place has changed me! Thank all of you and please keep doing it. It works!


Testimonial 2

"I was very pleased with my stay at JACOA. Having staff in recovery working at the facility was definitely a plus. I felt like they understood me and they kept it 100% real. I would suggest to anyone that needs treatment that JACOA is a great place. I would have stayed longer if I could.


Testimonial 3

"JACOA has a great program. Everyone here seems to love what they do from the monitors to the counselors. I loved the parenting class. My counselor was awesome. I felt the love throughout the building. If you want help, they’re willing to help you. I’ve been to three rehabs and this by far was the best one. Thanks for saving my life! Israel is a great person and I really admire him. I want what he has.