Testimonial 1

"To make it short and sweet, JACOA saved my life. I appreciate all the work done by the staff and especially the direction and tools offered to me. Can't say enough about Israel Melton. He is absolutely the heartbeat of this place. Thank you ALL!"


Testimonial 2

"I came in to JACOA by court order. I was broke and heartbroken, and could not find happiness or hope. After 28 days at JACOA, I had great teachers and an awesome counselor who broke it down to real talk. Today, I'm happy and I have hope to keep my life simple and drug free. I am alot happier than I was 28 days ago. I owe JACOA alot so thank you to JACOA and the whole staff."


Testimonial 3

"April 18th, 2016 was one of the worst days of my life. I got a call from my job telling me to come in to work at 6:30. I arrived there promptly, only to be told I was fired. The reason being is that I was either late or didn't show up for my scheduled shifts. My boss told me"get your life together, then come see me." Those words burned a hole in my heart, but little did I know that they were the best words I could have heard at that time. Instead of immediately taking heed to the words that were forwarded to me, I started drinking and drugging instead, and after hours of my insane escapades, I felt an emptiness in my soul that I desperately needed to fill. I closed my eyes and did something that many a times I've neglected to do; pray; then the answer was sent to me. I remembered an old mate from school that had ties to a rehabilitation center facility and I reached out to him. He hastily took my hand as a concerned friend and gave me the opportunity to get the help that I so desperately needed. The people there fed my body as well as my mind and soul. They gave me a new spirituality and taught me how to deal with life's ups and downs in ways that don't involve poisoning my body. In twenty-eight days I left this facility with a new outlook on life. This place that I speak of is JACOA and I am forever grateful to each and every employee and client that had a hand in helping me embark on this new journey called sobriety."