Items to bring when admitted into jacoa a&d treatment


FEE: ALL clients MUST bring a $50.00 administrative fee to be admitted into JACOA. This allows us to furnish the clients with Big Books, Big Book Dictionaries, Journals, Pens, Notebooks, Folders, Highlighters, Sobriety Coins, Art Supplies, Games and Equipment for Recreation. Please help us continue to supply these valuable tools.

PHONE CALLS:   There will be a 2 week black-out for phone calls.  Clients will not be allowed to make phone calls until after 2 full weeks of residential treatment.

INSURANCE: If a client has TN Care, they must present their insurance card at the time of admission, along with a current form of identification.

LEGAL: If client is on probation they  must provide the name of  P.O. and phone number  at the very least. Fax number or e-mail address is preferred along with the physical address. If court referred they will need county, judge’s name, and some sort of number for the court. If there is an attorney involved – need numbers and address.

MEDICATION:   If client is taking medication they  must bring enough meds to last them for the entire time they are on the unit, at least 30 day supply. This will affect admission to the program. NO prescription will be filled unless client has paid for it.

TRANSPORTATION: Individuals transporting clients must wait until the client has been admitted before leaving the facility.

IDENTIFICATION:  When clients come for admission,  they must bring valid identification such as driver’s license, social security card, picture ID, birth certificate, etc. If they do not have ID they may not be admitted.


Lyrica (pregabalin) is a Schedule V of the Controlled Substance Act (effective July 28, 2005) and is currently prohibited while in treatment at Jacoa.


  1. You may bring plastic hangers

  2. Clothing - Five changes will be allowed (All clothing must cover your body with no cleavage, midriff, or lower back exposed)

  3. Shoes - Two pair (no backless shoes of any kind)

  4. Towels and wash cloths (At least 3 or 4)

  5. Pillow, Pillow Case (Not required, but if you want your own comfortable pillow)

  6. Personal Items - Detergent, shampoo, toothpaste and brush, comb, brush, razors, soap, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, chap stick, hairspray (No products containing alcohol)

  7. Cigarettes must be brought from outside. None are available at JACOA. Should bring at least one carton

  8. MONEY - No more than $100.00 on person. Clients are responsible for their own funds/wallets. JACOA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MONEY LOST OR STOLEN!

  9. Deodorant must be non-aerosol and hairspray must be pump type

  10. May bring AA/NA and spiritual material

  11. Please bring shower shoes (To be worn in the shower only)

items not allowed

Wire hangers, mouthwash, makeup (foundation, mascara, eyeliner only), tank tops, muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts / blouses / T-shirts, skin-tight pants of any kind (including jeans), sweat pants, no clothing with obscene language, alcohol, or drug pictures or sayings, no sagging pants or hip huggers, no shorts above knee length, radios, tape players, cell phones or beepers, pocket knives or sharp objects, aerosol cans, includes hairspray and deodorant.  No food or drinks allowed to be brought in. No purses. No vapes or electric cigarettes permitted

**Any items brought to JACOA that are not allowed must be returned home immediately - This will affect admission to the program. No more than one large sized (Or 2 medium) suitcase allowed. No personal automobiles allowed to stay on JACOA property. These will be checked by receptionist before individual will be admitted.**



All mail must be opened in the presence of client’s counselor.