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Women's Housing

JACOA recognizes that continued care after residential treatment is essential in order to develop and maintain a secure foundation for long-term sobriety. Currently JACOA has two facilities that can house up to 15 women for permanent housing to help residents reintegrate into the community. During their stay, residents are expected to become actively involved in local 12-step programs while obtaining employment, and adjusting to sober living. Residents living at Tinker Hill, and Villagewood Place are expected to be fully self-sufficient.

MAT (medication-assisted treatment) currently utilized in our women's housing facilities: Vivitrol/ naltrexone/ naloxone/ Narcan, Acomprosate/Campral, Disulfiram/Antabuse, Revia. Random drug screens will be obtained, including monitoring for designer/synthetic drug use.

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Tinker Hill House

For interest in the Tinker Hill House, Housing the Indigent:

Modern Living Room

Parkview House

For interest in the Parkview House, Transitional Housing for Women: 

  • Fill out a housing application

  • Inquiries can be made by calling (731) 423-3653

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